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Anyone Wanna Elect Me?

高瀬 準太 の LJ

高瀬準太首相 (Prime Minister Takase Junta)
Hi, there! My (as someone else put it) anglicized name is Junta Takase, and I'm the starting pitcher for Tosei High School (we're sort of fictional - see Ookiku Furikabutte). In addition, I am also a former councilman in a town in Northern New Jersey (I was recently promoted to the position of Prime Minister), as the sign below suggests; this is why I used to have the title shikai-giin attached to my name above (as you can see, I am now listed as Takase Junta-shushou.)

The other members of the team, including my batterymate and husband Kazuki Kawai, Shingo Shimazaki, Riou Nakazawa, and I have taken to dubbing children's television in our spare time. Our current favorite is Peppa Pig, although we are also dabbling in Dora the Explorer. Our progress can be tracked at peppa_pig_lj.

1863_project spoils me and takes me lots of places, too. This is me at the Baltimore Aquarium, for example:

That was taken by soprano_no_eiji, by the way. And I am laughing, yes.

NEW! As part of my scheme to take over the world, I got an account on Twitter. See? You can follow me and it'd be really neat and stuff if you did because I update about cool stuff. Like dubbing Peppa Pig. And catchers. Lots of catchers.

...and, uhm, I guess that's all you need to know for now. Right.